Architectural Fetish

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I have a fascination for architecture, and every time I pass this building, I slow down and stare at its decorative façade, imagining what purpose it would have served back in its day and what secrets it holds.  Like the movie “Midnight in Paris”, I sometimes dream of being transported to a time gone by.  I would for sure select either the 1920s or the late 1950s-early 1960s, for their technological advances, innovations and fashion.


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No two are similar.  It’s a shame to mindlessly toss piles of them aside; I would sit for hours studying each and every one, marvelling in their beauty like a child on Christmas morning.  Wide-eyed, amazed.

Ghost-like Cloud

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While walking downtown on a particularly mild winter morning, I looked up and caught a glimpse of an ethereal ray of sunshine refracting through a wisp of cloud; as if to exhale a ghost-like existence into the moist air.

A little winter project

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While boutique hopping, I discovered a gorgeous braided shawl.  While the price was quite excessive, I vowed to recreate it for a fraction of the cost.  I must admit that although I pride myself in being artistic and detail-oriented, promoting the hand-made and seeing concepts through from start to finish, I have absolutely no patience for knitting.  From the stitch-counting to the resulting unevenness between rows, it is more of a source of frustration than relaxation for me.

I can, however appreciate a well-crafted scarf or sweater and applaud all those who stick with this craft.

Welcome to the Next Paragraph

New year, new portfolio, new blog.  Welcome to this exposé of my art, both old and new, journaling my passion and creativity.

With a plethora of new changes looming in the not-so-distant future, I figured I’d resurrect this dinosaur.  I have held many blogs over the years, but nothing with much commitment.  Not to be satirical, as I have plenty of more substantial things that I could be doing with my time (ahem… find a new job being priority), but I feel that with this new year, a fresh start and plenty of unknowns, I must subsequently develop a new hobby (or re-hash an old one) for the sake of having control over one aspect of my uncertain and ever-changing life.So here’s to the inauguration of the next paragraph in my life.  Breathe… pause… begin…

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