More Birthday Cards

cardsA friend’s son once asked me: “If you were an animal, what would you be?”  Good question.  I find that I can identify with a variety of characteristics from various furry and feathered species: the appetite of a bird, the nocturnal habits of an owl, the ornery love/hate introverted temperament of a cat, the industrious tendencies of a beaver, and the timidity of a fox (emphasis on the cross-me-and-I’ll-snarl part).  Personally, if I had to choose one animal, I’d identify the more closely with the darling Red Panda (look them up, they’ll melt your heart, and inexplicably induce an “awww” reaction).  Ok, ok, this is not some elementary school writing assignment, so enough with the critter banter, and on with the subject at hand.

From my observations, most humans possess either characteristic or uncanny physical similarities to animal counterparts.  That being said, I decided to pursue my illustrated birthday card project (refer to my husband’s panda card here) to create designs for my mom and my dad’s birthdays (cheesy dad pun included).  I “otter” say, they turned out pretty well, oh deer!