Lemon Curd

lemoncurd“What would you like for your birthday?”

“Oh, I dunno, just make me something.”

Frustrations!  As an art student, this request was a whole lot easier to grant, with unlimited access to fully-equipped studio space, art supplies and surrounded by inspiring peers.  Today, living in a two-bedroom 1,200 square foot condo (with the second room acting as the office/odds & ends and musical instrument storage), creating something gift-worthy (besides a simple card) is next to impossible.  Especially for a picky, umm, particular sister who’s a vegetarian, freegan (check it up, yikes!) and will single-handedly bring back the barter system. While we don’t see eye to eye on most subjects, I still love her dearly and make it a point to rack my brain around Christmastime and her summer birthday to come up with a suitable gift.

This time, I decided to make something that didn’t require a darkroom exposure unit, spray booth or acid (for intaglio copper plate etching of course, what were you thinking, gosh).  As you’ve probably read in my previous posts, I enjoy baking, so creating a little jar of lemon curd seemed to be best solution to the gift conundrum, to be paired with her homemade bread.  Lemon curd + toast = divine!  I also heard from a secret source (thanks mom!) that she lost her bike lock, so I broke the no-purchase rule and bought a “Montreal bike thief-resistant” U-bar.  Thankfully, bike-related gifts are exempt from said rule.

Thirty minutes later, the curd was cooling, and my freshly-designed label was ready for printing.  My next endeavour will be to learn proper canning techniques for future delectable gifts.


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