New dawn, new year, new ventures, new resolutions.

There is a purity surrounding beginnings; starting off with a heart full of hope, spirit rejuvenated and eager to take on the world.  The blunders and pains of the past can be buried and the excitement of the future and all that it could hold propels us forward.  Naive almost. This year will be different.  Yet, how many days in until old habits creep back, until resolutions get discarded?  Ushering in the realization that all that the new year brings is ultimately an increasing digit to our calendar year and a glimmer of utopia.
But this year WILL be different, won’t it?  One year older, one year wiser, and (hopefully) at a slightly better state of being than 365 days ago.
So raise a glass to new beginnings, take a breath, stand up, stretch and walk away from whatever device you’re reading this on and turn your potential into reality before all momentum is lost. Bon courage!