Radiator chair found in nyc boutique Anthropologie

I should have been an industrial designer.  It’s always easy in hindsight to map out how things should occurred, and I somehow regret not enrolling in the industrial design program, but for now, my inspiration and guilty pleasure will remain in the realm of chairs.  Yes, chairs.  There is something about the functionality, comfort, necessity and the aesthetic of a chair that sums up the quintessential item for design and innovation.  From Mies van der Rohe to Le Corbusier, to Gehry, Breuer and Eames, whenever I see an original (or even reproduction for that matter), my heart starts pumping like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

When I discovered the radiator chair, neatly tucked away in the corner of an Anthropologie store in Soho, NYC, I immediately fell in love.  True, the comfort level is definitely lacking, but the sheer amount of creativity required to conceive and produce this piece is commendable.  If money weren’t an issue, which thankfully it is, or else I probably would have turned my home into a small shrine with all of my favorite pieces.

Some girls go crazy over shoes, I drool over chairs.


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