Mile Public House

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After moving to the ‘burbs a year ago, I have been really missing the quaint cafés and bistros that thrive in the city.  Yes, I could jump into my car and drive across the bridge, but it’s always nice to have a trendy spot close to home.  Around here in Brossard, you’ll find either the chain fast-food joints, the typical breakfast franchises and coffee shops or pretentious high-end gastronomic establishments where you’ll pay your month’s grocery budget on a dinner for two.  True, Asian food thrives here (and it’s excellent), but if you’re after a gourmet burger or spicy tartare, nothing within a 15 kilometer radius could fill that craving, until… Mile Public House!  Open a month ago, the warm, rustic, country house feel is not only the perfect spot for a relaxed lunch, but also a cool atmosphere for drinks with friends (haute couture not required).  Friendly staff, delicious and creative dishes, this pub has quickly moved to the top of my “favourite” list.  Here’s to many delicious soirées ahead!

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