Today, I forgot to have my cup of coffee.  I am not a java fiend who needs to have caffeine coursing through my veins the second I open my eyes in the morning.  Rather, I will leisurely make myself an espresso mid-morning and savour every rich sip while scanning though my inbox and checking job postings.  Nothing major, just one cup per day.

This morning was different.  I had every intension of brewing a mug of roasted goodness, however with the rush of getting ready to run off to a shopping and cupcake baking date with my mom, it completely slipped my mind.  Somewhere around 4 in the afternoon, I started getting a dull headache, and thought nothing of it except maybe a sugar rush from sampling too much frosting.  However, as the hour came to a close, (a glass of water and an advil later), it dawned on me that maybe in fact I was a caffeine addict experiencing withdrawal symptoms.  Oh my!

One cuppa joe later, and I must say, I feel 100% better.  It is quite disconcerting to realize that something as harmless as roasted beans infused in hot water could indeed play with one’s state of well-being to the extent of causing pain if not consumed within 30 hours on a daily basis.  Yet, for something so habit-forming, it is so ingrained and normalized in our culture; from casual meetings at a café, to the beverage of choice with dessert, and the ubiquitous travel mugs in the majority of commuter’s hands in the morning.  Here’s hoping, for the sake of avoiding a societal withdrawal migraine or collective rehab, that the rumours of dwindling supply do not materialize.  Yours truly, The Caffeine Addict