etsybagI finally made my first Etsy purchase!  It was my husband Phil’s birthday this month, and he had been searching for a light tan vintage-looking leather bag for a few months now to carry all of his paraphernalia to business meetings.  You’d think that something basic like a leather briefcase/bag would be an easy find, but no.  Even after February’s trip to NYC, we came back empty-handed.  Mind you, we found some gorgeous potentials in Soho, but we just couldn’t justify spending the equivalent of more than half of a month’s mortgage payment on a simple bag!  So after scouring local stores and online shops as the countdown to his birthday drew nigh, I decided to consult Etsy.

With such vast selection, one can be choosy.  I believe I had a good dozen tabs open on my browser, pouring over specs, shipping prices and vendor ratings.  One bag was larger, another slightly cheaper, and another still had extra pockets… “eeny, meeny, miny, moe”?!  One, in particular stood out and I knew I had finally found “the one”.  In addition to fitting all of the appearance and budget criteria, it had a bonus feature where an inner, padded organizer could be inserted inside the bag to safely protected a camera body and lenses.  Ding ding, we have a winner!

Although it unfortunately arrived a few days after Phil’s actual birthday, he was thrilled to not only complete his stylish business man persona, but to also have the capability to transport his laptop, papers AND camera to video shoots and meetings and to not have to carry multiple bags.  Etsy, I now must hide my credit card to avoid your temptation!