Valentine’s Dinner

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 12.20.30 PM

Yes, I know, people who post photos of their food are obnoxious.  I’ll admit to having scrolled by photo after photo of aerial shots of a sloppily-presented plate with a “cute” caption like “yummy lunch with my bestie!!<3″.  Even though there are no ill-intentions, I just find it’s far overdone.  Yes, I am guilty of such snapshots occasionally, BUT… hear me out!  When you actually make the food, labour over the prepping, chopping, mixing, cooking, you earn the chance to brag.

Enter example “Valentine’s dinner”.  My husband Phil knew that beef tartare is one of my favourite dishes (kind of ironic coming from an ex-vegetarian of 2 years, but that’s another topic altogether).  Instead of making a reservation weeks in advance at an overcrowded restaurant with overpriced food and stressed out wait staff for this annual romantic evening, he went through the trouble of recreating my favourite meal at home.  Not an easy feat.  To make it a surprise, he packed travel bowls and knives early in the morning, purchased the fresh ingredients at the local butcher and prepared everything at a friend’s house and left it in his fridge until it was time to come home after work.

Now that’s a photo-worthy demonstration of love!